My Approach to Nutrition

Working With Me

My aim is to work with clients on an individual level to create realistic goals that align with their lifestyle. The main force behind my approach to nutrition is a deep desire to help individuals achieve good health without sacrificing happiness.


After learning about my client's lifestyle habits, eating patterns, barriers to nutrition and medical history during the initial assessment, I provide detailed nutrition education and personalized recommendations. Follow-up appointments are available to review progress, monitor health outcomes and continue making nutrition and lifestyle improvements.


My 'all foods fit' and 'non-diet' approach to nutrition allows me to keep the fun in food and stress out of the kitchen. I focus on helping clients move away from restrictive eating and instead focus on making nutritious additions to their meals. Often times, clients will tell me that the recommendations I provided them with make them excited to eat and work towards their goals. 


Whether clients are seeking help with chronic disease management, disease prevention or overall health improvement, they are individually evaluated and provided with an evidenced-based assessment. Clients will leave appointments equipped with personalized goals, a meal planning guide and any handouts that I feel would benefit them.